Korea's hottest stars are in love 

Actor Kim Woo-bin and actress Shin Min-a confirmed Wednesday that they've been dating, becoming the latest celebrity couple to publicly admit their romantic relationship.

Just like the newly announced couple, a growing number of Korean celebrities are going public with their relationships -- though in the many cases, it was first disclosed against their will.

Here's a look at the hottest stars in love in the Korean entertainment scene.

Kim Woo-bin, Shin Min-a

Actor Kim Woo-bin, 26, and actress Shin Min-a, 31, have been in a relationship for two months. They first met at an apparel commercial shoot in February and started dating in May.

Shin is slated to star in upcoming KBS drama "Oh My God," while Kim, five years her junior, recently starred in local comedy flick "Twenty."

According to reports, the two often took drives in Kim's Range Rover or Porsche near Shin's house in Hannam-dong in order to ward off publicity.

Lee Min-ho, Suzy


Asian heartthrob and actor Lee Min-ho and Suzy of K-pop group Miss A went public with their relationship when the local news revealed in March their dating photographs in London.

Lee, 27, rose to stardom with the hit television series "Boys over Flowers" in 2009. Since then, he has starred in a number of hits, making him one of the most beloved Hallyu stars across Asia. Lee, who recently made his successful silver screen debut through "Gangnam Blues," is now working on action-adventure flick "Bounty Hunters."

Suzy, 20, who has been dubbed "Korea's icon of first love," has had a successful career in both singing and acting since her debut in 2010. The starlet is best known for her roles in TV series "Dream High," "Gu Family Book" and film "Architecture 101." She is currently working on period film "Dorihwaga," which will premiere in the second half of the year.

Earlier this March, popular actor Lee Min-ho and Suzy of K-pop group Miss A went public with their relationship when local news revealed photographs of them dating in London.

Lee Seung-gi, Yoona


Singer-actor Lee Seung-gi and Girls' Generation's Yoona kicked off the year 2014 by confirming their romance.

The two A-listers have been dating since September 2013.

Lee recently dropped his new album "And...," while Yoona successfully returned to the music scene as part of Girls' Generation with single "Party," which has been sweeping local charts.