Laneige's new ad is winning hearts - here's why

Exchange student meets school belle, falls in love with her, tries to win her heart.

This is the typical storyline of a campus romance, but Korean beauty brand Laneige has put a new spin on the tale in an original short film that has become a hit with ladies here in Singapore.

The five-and-a-half minute film titled 'My BB Love' tells the tale of a Korean exchange student's first love in Singapore.

As with all K-dramas, there's the dreamy atmosphere, impeccable styling, and a cute 'oppa'.

Cue the male lead's plans to woo his dream girl with grand gestures - inspired by top Korean dramas, of course - and then fumbling in his attempts when he actually interacts with her.

But what shone the most in the video is the female lead.

The stunner with a dusky skin tone, Trishna Goklani, was cast as the beautiful and successful school belle who captured the heart of the male lead.

He was a boy, and she was a girl - can we make it any more obvious? 💗 We're thrilled to present MY BB LOVE, an original...

Posted by LANEIGE Singapore on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

And this has proven to be the winning formula, as the short film has garnered overwhelmingly positive responses since it was posted on Laneige Singapore's Facebook page last Thursday (Aug 24).

Photo: Facebook/Laneige Singapore

With over 1,800 'likes' and 277,000 views, many viewers commended the celebration of diversity in beauty.

The film's writer and casting director Jemimah Wei said: "Everything Trish and I stand for - diversity in beauty, representation, girls supporting girls, and plain ol' love for a good story - we have put into this."

"I hope this film makes you smile a little bit brighter today. To all my beautiful brown girls out there, this one's for you!" Goklani wrote on Instagram.

Photo: Facebook/Laneige Singapore

Viewers were also tickled by some lines from the video clip, such as "If she's not wearing a face full of make-up while watching Korean drama, she's disrespecting her oppa."

Photo: Youtube/Laneige Singapore
Photo: Facebook/Laneige Singapore

Although BB cushions are popular in Southeast Asia, ladies living in the tropics have often expressed their frustration at the limited range of shades offered by Korean beauty brands.

So, Laniege's refreshing film highlighting its extensive range of BB cushion shades (Goklani wears shade #35, by the way) has been well-received by netizens.

Photo: Facebook/Laneige Singapore

It appears that not only ladies enjoyed the film, a male Facebook user also praised the male lead's spirit of preservation despite having a language barrier with the female lead.

Photo: Facebook/Laneige Singapore

And judging by the number of comments asking for a part two, it seems like viewers just can't get enough of the short film.

So, how will this tale end, Laneige?