Lass with class

Cate Blanchett is the epitome of sophistication in her new movie Blue Jasmine, looking elegant in day dresses as well as evening gowns.

In the dramedy directed by Woody Allen, the Australian beauty plays Manhattan socialite Jasmine Francis, whose high life of designer clothes and parties takes a 180-degree turn when husband Hal (Alec Baldwin) is arrested for running a Ponzi scheme.

Disgraced and penniless, she moves across the country to shack up with her sister in San Francisco.

The movie, which opens here tomorrow, is a showcase of classic Blanchett: Elegant, poised and with some mystery underneath all that designer garb.

There's a good reason why Allen dressed his leading lady in all that fine regalia.

Besides showing her as a socialite, it also reflects her state of mind when her impeccable style starts to unravel upon her dethronement.

Blue Jasmine's costume designer Suzy Benzinger painstakingly created Jasmine's look by borrowing trademark items from designers such as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Cartier and Fendi.

Of course, there's the Hermès 35cm gold Birkin with gold hardware.

While we would love to be dressed like Blanchett in the movie, complete with baubles which would need armed bodyguards, we decided to go for something more attainable.

Here are two looks you can achieve easily. While they may not be in the spring colours sported by Jasmine, they are very much in trend. We are now in the fall/winter season after all.

Damask Coat $609

Faux Croc Tote $339 (Liu Jo)

Shades $350 (Aigner)

Fox Effect Collar $79

Sleeveless Dress $559 (Liu Jo)

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