Levi's new Revel Jeans shape, lift and lengthen

SINGAPORE - Jeans - a wardrobe essential but not the most flattering of bottoms. If you ever had to lie down to squeeze into a pair of skinnies or felt like your thighs were sausages encased in denim, we know exactly how it is.

Comfortable flattering jeans has got to be on every woman's need list. Denim giant Levi's has taken note of this universal request and has introduced the Revel jeans that - hold your breath ladies - promises to be the perfect-fitting pair of jeans.

The secret formula to the Revel Jeans that promises to actively shape the female body to give her the legs and butt she always wanted? Liquid Shaping Technology, highest quality denim fabric and innovative design details all in an engineered fit.

The exclusive Liquid Shaping Technology has been fused into the denim through screen-printing to control the fabric's stretch in areas that need some lifting and defining for a sculpted silhouette. This revolutionary shaping technology isn't your normal stiff, constricting shapewear - it holds you in and is also super-comfortable.

The Revel jeans also has a few visual tricks - contour finishing, elongated seaming and pockets are placed strategically for your booty and legs to look their very best. The jeans comes in the signature Levi's Curve ID fits - slight, demi and bold curve - for a custom fit.

So now all you need to do to shape your curves, lift your booty and lengthen your legs is to pull on a pair of Revel jeans!

The Levi's Revel collection retails from $159.90 onwards and is available at all Levi's retail stores.

For a list of stores, go to www.levi.com.sg. Follow the brand on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Levis and Twitter @Levis

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