Lin Meijiao hopes to visit M’sia or Taiwan to study

This Chinese New Year, she will miss one of her best friends who used to bring lots of joy and laughter to those around him.

In the past, when they would often be working together during the festive period, she would open up to him about her desire to retire.

His reply to her, which she did not want to disclose, would always motivate her to carry on doing the job she loves.

But Lin Meijiao is sure of one thing - that the late veteran actor Huang Wenyong, who died of cancer last April, would want his friends and family to carry on enjoying life.

Lin, 50, said: "We will miss Wenyong. Sometimes, when I see his photograph I feel that he's still here.

"But life has to go on. So there's no need to be sad as everyone has to leave this place sooner or later."

Like Huang, who was famed for dressing up as the cai shen ye (God of Wealth) during Chinese New Year, Lin is a Buddhist who believes in being at peace with whatever life throws her way.

She hopes to embrace her faith further this year by embarking on a religious trip to Malaysia or Taiwan for a few months to immerse herself in Buddhist studies.

"This year, I want to understand Buddhism at a higher level so I hope that my trip will help me do so," she said.

Travelling for work is something she is also looking forward to when she leads a tour group to China later this year.

She has joined the many local celebrities who have accompanied Singaporeans on overseas trips organised by tour companies.

Spending more time with the love of her life, her 19-year-old daughter Chantalle Ng, is also a top priority.


The mother-daughter pair are extremely close since Lin divorced actor Huang Yiliang in the 90s after three years of marriage.

The single mum claimed that she has not had any suitors for the last two decades.

She said that she has never thought of remarrying or having more children because she is satisfied with the life that she has built for herself and Chantalle.

"I'm very open with my daughter and we can talk about anything.

"I like it that she introduces all her friends to me. She knows that I will be here for her no matter what happens," Lin said.

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