Local actress Felicia Chin is in no rush to get hitched

Many of her friends are tying the knot, but local actress Felicia Chin is not exactly looking to race down the aisle soon.

"I have about five weddings to attend this month and next. I feel very happy for them because they have really found the right one," she said.

"If wedding bells sound for me, I think my mum will be the happiest."

But it does not mean that the bachelorette has stopped thinking about getting hitched.

The 30-year-old actress said: "Love is always on my agenda. It is something that I feel gives me very good energy.

"If you are fortunate enough, you'll definitely find the other half in your life. But if it's not the time yet, you just enjoy and love as you go along."

"I don't restrict myself to a certain timeline to get married."

Back in 2012, Chin told The New Paper that she had "very few" relationships in the past and that all her ex-boyfriends were Singaporeans.

These days, the 1.68m-tall star does not place much emphasis on physical qualities when it comes to dating.

For Chin, her ideal partner simply needs to be someone who is good to her.

"I've been with someone who is shorter than me, so height is not a big problem. As you grow up, you kind of change what you want from a guy," she said.

"Now, it's really very, very simple."

Chin was speaking to TNP at the press conference of the upcoming blockbuster TV period drama The Journey: Tumultuous Times on Wednesday.

Also starring Li Nanxing, Jeanette Aw, Desmond Tan, Romeo Tan and Shaun Chen, it premieres on Channel 8 on Monday at 9pm.

A sequel to The Journey, which aired last November, it tells the story of five young people in the 1940s who fight for Singapore's independence leading up to 1965.

In the 30-episode show, Chin plays a schoolteacher who leads her students in political protests, hoping to end colonial rule.

For her role, she sports a demure girl-next-door look, a departure from her usual edgy and spunky image.

She said: "I had to look prim and proper, and I wore long skirts or knee-length bermudas in the show. It's a simple image and there is nothing fancy about it, but it is exactly what I envisioned the look to be."

She added: "I had to be constantly reminded to behave like the girls during that period."

As this is Chin's first period drama, she was most concerned about the many difficult lines that she had to say on set.

To prepare for her role, she even took Mandarin lessons from a teacher who taught her how to enunciate the words.

In the drama, there is also an intense scene where Chin's character has to give birth to a baby that she does not want.

She said: "I watched at least 10 YouTube videos to prepare myself for that scene as I have not given birth before, and I am someone who faints at the sight of blood."

Chin now splits her time between acting and her new cafe, The Mama Shop, which she opened with fellow actress Sora Ma and two other partners last month.

But her fans will get to see more of her on the small screen in the coming year.

She said: "I am going to leave my cafe business in the good hands of my partners. My passion is acting, and I want to focus on it now."


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