Local veteran hotties

Tan Kheng Hua (left) and Pat Kraal with her family.


The former Singapore supermodel, groomed by Carrie Models in the 80s and took off for Paris at the age of 20 after which she landed her big break modelling for fashion house Givenchy, looks like she never left the industry.

Her lithe figure and youthful appearance betray the fact that she is mother to four children aged 13 to 22.

She credits everything to good genes since she does not follow any strict diet, skincare or exercise regime.

Kraal is of Thai, English, Portuguese and Dutch descent, stands at 1.78m, weighs 56kg and has enviable 32-26-36 statistics.

The Paris-based model scout, who recently returned to the workforce after 21 years as a housewife, told The New Paper: "Most women my age hate me because I eat anything and everything."

But don't expect her to don a swimsuit for a magazine cover anytime soon.

"It's all for publicity," she said, referring to the latest images of Christie Brinkley, Jane Seymour and Sharon Stone.

Her secret

- Anti-ageing and pharmaceutical skincare products

- Drinking lots of green tea

- Walking, housework and taking care of her children

She says

"Being part Asian, most people think I'm in my 40s and my children are always proudly telling me that their friends say I'm so young and 'trop belle' (too beautiful in French).

"Several men and women have come up to me to tell me how beautiful I am, which always makes my day."


The local actress had shattered all stereotypes of auntie-dom when she participated in the Celebrity Pole-Off competition to raise funds for charity in 2012.

Tan hasn't looked back since.

In fact, she'd rather be in her 50s than her 20s because the latter was "a time of tough decisions". But even back then, she knew that she wanted to "grow old looking fit" without extracting the joy from the process.

Like Pat Kraal, dieting and exercising aren't exactly a priority for the mother of a 16-year-old girl. Forget beauty regime, too.

"If I had not been sponsored by (local medispa skin specialist) Vedure Mediboutique, I don't think I would even go for facials at all," said Tan, who's 1.58m tall, weighs 46kg and has vital stats of 33-25-33.

"I would never queue for food, nor would I drive out just to taste something."

As for cosmetic surgery, Tan would rather "use the money for a fabulous skiing holiday".

And if she was ever invited to grace a magazine cover in her swimsuit, the self-proclaimed liberal "delinquent parent" says "she would jump at the opportunity" if it "represents a philosophy that I uphold"."

Her secret

- Diving, skiing, yoga - "anything to do with balancing"

- Avoiding sweet drinks and alcohol

- Cashews, pistachios and Brazil nuts

She says

"It's important to be happy in your own skin, especially when it comes to physical activities. Do it if you enjoy it."

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