Long-term, non-surgical solutions to facial concerns

It's 2016, stop ignoring the facial lines, increasing fat, and the dullness creeping on your skin.

Now that the hustle and bustle might catch up with you again, squeeze in some time for a quick solution to these facial concerns.

Sygmalift, the Aivee Clinic's newest service, can take years of worry off your face. Start the year looking fine, fresh and a whole lot younger without anyone knowing how you did it.


The first cold-laser tightening machine in the country is the newest equipment that provides faster results and greater precision in facial lifting and rejuvenation.

It's the treatment you will need to target facial features that have been troubled by stress, sleeplessness and other work woes that plague you every day. Given its painless nature and efficient laser technology-this gives long- term, nonsurgical results quicker than most services.

Sygmalift delivers subtle but sure changes to the way you look. This time, no more artificial Barbies; you'll look naturally healthy and glowing, as you were just a few years back.

Time is definitely on your side with this one. It will take just 30 to 45 minutes to finish a procedure, making it an ideal indulgence for workaholics who can't afford to take more days off.

Other services

Despite the quick treatment, the new Aivee Clinic at Commerce Center in Alabang will make you stay longer than you should. This Southern skin sanctuary sits in a breezy locale that respects its natural surroundings and has a bright and open layout fit for a beauty shrine.

There are other things you can try. For those with hair concerns, the Sunetics laser light therapy can help treat hair loss. The platelet-rich plasma targets anti-aging.

The Agnes combats acne, while the Smart Skin Typing System helps target problems unique to each individual.

There's also the Pollogen Legend machine, a noninvasive skin-tightening equipment available in Aivee's SM Megamall clinic.