Love is in the air for Malaysian actress Deanna Yusoff

CLASSY actress Deanna Yusoff (pic), who has remained single for decades, now openly admits to having a love interest, reported Harian Metro.

However, Deanna said she would not reveal anything further because the special someone, as well as family members valued their privacy.

Deanna, who is still gorgeous at 50, also stressed that they have yet to marry.

"It is not important whether I am single or married. What is important is that I am happy with my present life," Deanna was quoted as saying.

On whether she would pursue her acting career in Hollywood, Deanna said only blonde and blue-eyed actresses were favoured there.

"Competition in Hollywood is stiff, as there are many young and beautiful actresses there," she said.

Deanna said she would always remember her mother's advice to remain humble even after becoming popular.

Actress Deanna Yusoff.Photo: BH