Love marble tops and flooring? How about trying out marble lips?

You have admired marble table tops, flooring and tiles, and now you can have that natural stone look right smack on your lips.

Marble comes from various parts of the world and they come in black, blue-grey, green, pinkish, reddish, salmon, rose and mostly white or pure white.

So, that's a lot of inspiration for fans of this cool stone with swirls of colours.

To get you inspired in creating some unique marble motifs on your lips here are some bold marble lips that are taking over Instagram.

To truly replicate that natural marble look, most of these Instagrammers used a white base on the lips before adding on swirls of grey and black.

Others are raising the game by using bold colours and topping it with a shiny sheen.

Now, this is purely art so after all your hardwork in creating amazing marble lips just remember not to go on an eating binge, unless you've mastered the art of eating without touching your lips!