Luxe scents

Niche luxury fragrance label Fragrance Du Bois, known for its natural oud-based scents, is now the exclusive retailer of six new-to-market high-end fragrances.

In South-east Asia, these perfume brands are available only at Fragrance Du Bois' boutique in Fullerton Hotel.

The offerings include American brand House Of Sillage, which is known for its crystal-emblazoned perfume bottles (above) and made-in-France parfums; British label Illuminum (apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge wore the brand's White Gardenia Petals on her wedding day); Xerjoff from Italy, also renowned for its age-old Italian perfumery influences and exquisite artisanal bottles; Parisian perfumery Parfums de Marly that takes inspiration from the court of King Louis XV; and the Parisian perfume institution Isabey.

This article was first published on May 15, 2015.
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