Lynn Hung wants a baby soon

Hung, who married businessman Ken Kwok, 38, more than a month ago, was radiant at the interview and open about her hopes to have a baby soon.
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Model Lynn Hung will have you know that she does not have a catty bone in her body.

So one of her hardest scenes in See You Tomorrow was having to lash out at Angelababy, a former colleague who shared a manager with her in real life.

In the movie, Hung plays Jiang Jie, the former fiancee of singer Ma Li (Eason Chan) who is jealous of his friendship with his fan Xiaoyu (Angelababy).

Hung, 36, said in an interview at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre: "I thought I was fierce and scolding her badly, but the director said, 'I won't take this. You have to be a tigress. You're too gentle now, you can be 100 times fiercer.'"

Director Wong Kar Wai, who produced the film, was the acting coach on the set, while novelist Zhang Jiajia, making his directorial debut, was a gentle presence, she recalled.

The quarrel scene between the actresses took several days and retakes "because we're too familiar with each other and we didn't have the heart to scold each other too much".

Finally, the directors "found a double for me to scold", Hung said.

Even then, she felt she had to apologise to the woman before the take.

Hung, who married businessman Ken Kwok, 38, more than a month ago, was radiant at the interview and open about her hopes to have a baby soon.

Model-actress Lynn Hung releases wedding photoshoot images

  • Lynn Hung's fans can now feast their eyes on the wedding photos that the actress-model shared with the media.
  • The 36-year-old got hitched to Hong Kong businessman Ken Kwok, 38, after two years of dating.
  • For the photo shoot, the couple travelled to Macau's luxury resort Studio City with a famed photographer helming the lens.
  • In an opulent bar, a charmed Kwok gazed at his bride who was clad in a backless black gown.
  • The couple also flaunted their toned bodies in a pool party photo - complete with colourful floats.
  • Another photo showed the newlyweds doing a champagne toast in the back of a car filled with balloons and pom poms.
  • The photo that stood out from the album may be the one of Hung in a form-fitting cheongsam while her Chinese suit-clad husband drank from a tea cup - a nod to her role as Ip Man's wife in the hit martial arts film series.
  • After the photo shoot, the blissfully married Hung said that she has found the "Ip Man" of her life in Kwok, a man who will protect her.
  • On Weibo, she wrote simply, "We're married," and attached photos taken that day at a lawyer's office.
  • Hung's manager was their witness when they signed the marriage papers.
  • Ken Kwok, the younger brother of actress Kenix Kwok, is said to have been married for a year before splitting up from his wife in 2013.
  • He and Hung, 36, started dating in 2014, the year after she and Aaron Kwok split up. She confirmed their engagement in March 2016.

She said: "The most ideal is to have two. I'll have one first, and if I can cope and take good care of the child, I'll think of a second one.

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