This machine helps you make sheet masks at home - but it's not available anymore

PHOTO: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

When we first saw INSIDER Beauty's video on the EgoEra Face Mask Machine, we instantly wanted to snatch it. All you needed to do was put your choice of fruits, vegetables, and red wine.

You can also add one of their complimentary collagen pills. Just press a button and voila, a sheet mask in five minutes.

However, it seems like we have to wait a long time before getting it. The machine is currently unavailable on Amazon with the disclaimer: "We don't know when or if this item will be back on stock." (Nooo!)

Despite its viral success, with over nine million views on Facebook, the machine was still met with skepticism.

Some comments think it's "BS" and think the collagen pills might cause side effects.

But EgoEra assured everyone that they're normal collagen pills, and you can use ones bought at the pharmacy.

We're also not sure if the product was sold out or if EgoEra pulled it out.

Either way, a sheet mask-maker is out of the question for now. We suggest sticking with your regular store-bought masks or tub masks at home.