From makeup artist to global beauty director of Estee Lauder

Expect big and exciting changes to one of the beauty world's most established brand as Violette takes on the role of global beauty director of Estee Lauder.

In this position, Violette willl be a "key contributor to product development, artistry, and education for the brand."

A disciple of Parisian makeup, Violette's portfolio consists of working with the best including photographers Partick Dermarchelier and Mert & Marcus. Her works also appear on the pages of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and W Magazine.

On her YouTube channel, which has around 80,000 subscribers, she shares how-to's and themed looks for makeup enthusiasts.

Same almost goes for her Instagram account with around 90,000 followers.

Her presence on both platforms is essential as Estee looks to her in "engaging women in a new beauty conversation via social media that helps solve their struggles and empowers them to be their own makeup artists."

As of writing, Violette is already doing a takeover of the Estee Instagram account. In one of the videos about her new position, she shares an inspiring message about makeup.

"Beauty for me is a celebration…it's not about the amount of makeup you put on, it's about how you feel about it. So again you own the makeup, it's not something you put on as something artificial…It's so incredible to be a woman, I feel so lucky so let's celebrate this."

Stephanie de La Faverie, global brand president, says in a press release that they are "thrilled to welcome Violette to the Estee Lauder brand… As a talented makeup artist and lifestyle influencer with a passion for art and colour, Violette brings a unique voice and perspective to beauty."

In response, Violette said, "I am so honoured to work with the Estee Lauder brand." She looks to how the company was made by a woman of great achievement and taste."

Estee was such a visionary and is still an inspiration for women today.

She understood beauty is a way of expressing yourself, a way to celebrate femininity.

And that is also my philosophy. I can't wait to connect with women everywhere as part of this brand and take them on this journey with me."

Congratulations, Violette! Looking forward to see what you'll bring to Estee Lauder!