Malaysian beauty queen inspires many by giving hair to cancer patients

JOHOR BARU - All she wanted was to show her support for cancer patients, but beauty queen G. Thamaraii has inspired hundreds by shaving her head bald.

The 28-year-old teacher, who was crowned Miss India Johor 2014, is surprised by the show of support from so many people after she decided to shave her head and donate her hair so that it could be turned into wigs for cancer patients.

"My hair has always been liked by my family and friends. As they said it is one of my best features, I wanted to share it with those in need," she said.

Thamaraii said her younger sister told her she was planning to go bald to raise awareness for cancer in Singapore.

Amazed by the idea, Thamaraii said she did some research and found several links on the National Cancer Society and National Cancer Council websites about donating hair for cancer patients.

"It was nerve-wracking at first. I decided not to think too much and just went ahead with it.

"I wanted to share the experience and encourage others to do the same, so I posted some pictures on Facebook.

"I did not expect to receive such an overwhelming response."

Her pictures on the Miss India Johor Facebook page have 300 likes and were shared by over 80 people.

"I just hope that people do not only like and send their love to me for doing this, but will also support the cause through their own means."

Thamaraii said she was surprised that she had been receiving more smiles from people than usual.

"I wear a beanie, so many do not see my bald head, but even the few who have spotted my new look have been giving me the sweetest smile."

Thamaraii would be sending her hair to the National Cancer Society via Pos Laju.

It would end up in the United States where it would be made into wigs for cancer patients.