Malaysian singer Penny Tai to hold wedding on Dec 27: Reports

Major Chinese dailies reported that Malaysian singer-songwriter Penny Tai, 36, who earlier said she would be getting married to her Taiwanese boyfriend, would hold her reception on Dec 27.

Tai posted an update on her Facebook page on Tuesday, saying: "I am finally going to distribute the invitation cards."

Her father, Tai Wen Guang, 75, said the fa­mily would fly to Taiwan to celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year while attending her wedding.

Contacted by Sin Chew Daily, Wen Guang praised his future son-in-law, Sydney Lu Xin Jiang, describing him as a caring man who took good care of his daughter.

He said that another reception was expect­­ed to be held at the celebrity's hometown in Johor Baru next year before the Chinese New Year.