Malaysian star Angelica Lee posts cute cartoon to announce twin pregnancy

PHOTO: Various sources

It seems the 2014 scandal which tested the marriage of Malaysian star Angelica Lee (Lee Sinjie) and her husband, Oxide Pang, have taken a joyful turn with the announcement of their double bundle of joy.

On Jan 27, 2016, 40-year-old Lee took to her micro-blog on Sina Weibo to announce the arrival of twins in the new year.

She wrote: "This new year, we will welcome with joyous hearts the arrival of two new lives."

Her post was accompanied with a cartoon of the couple with Lee wearing a red Chinese gown and traditional head gear, and holding hands with her 50-year-old hubby.

Comically drawn, the cartoon showed the petite Lee with a bulging belly.

Fellow actress and mummy-of-one Gigi Leung, 39, quickly replied to her post with well-wishes. From her reply, Leung indicated that she was aware of Lee's pregnancy earlier.

She wrote that the twins are very lucky to have a mother who is full of love like Lee and asked the expectant mummy to give her belly kisses on her behalf.

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Lee's marriage told a scandalous turn in 2014 after director husband, Pang, was caught hugging and kissing model, Liddy Li, at the cinemas.

Chinese media reported that Pang allegedly told Li that he was going to divorce his wife to be with her.

Pang subsequently ended the affair after it was publicised, and the couple released a joint statement saying that they will be working on their marriage.

Lee said that she was able to forgive her husband thanks to her six years of study in Buddhism which she attributes to broadening her mind and calming her down.

In a recorded interview with ON.CC in Nov 2014, she said: "In acting, you have to learn to step out of the character. In life it's the same, you must learn how to let go."

She added: "A couple will definitely encounter obstacles, but to stay together, we need to use our love to grow, to support each other through thick and thin."

This is Lee's first child. Pang has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage.

Pang is one half of The Pang Brothers. He and his twin brother, Danny Pang are screenwriters and film directors from Hong Kong. They are known for the horror film franchise, The Eye.