Man beats online girlfriend up after seeing what she looks like in person

A man in China spent thousands of dollars to finally meet his online girlfriend, only to get such a rude shock when he saw her that he turned violent.

According to Viral Cham, the two had met on social networking application WeChat, where they got attached a month ago.

The man, Huang, is from Harbin in Northeast China, while the woman, Xiaojin, is from Suzhou and working at Wenzhou Bridge.

Mesmerised by Xiaojin's photo which showed her oval-shaped face, big eyes and rosy skin, Huang decided to meet up with her.

An excited Huang spent a few thousand dollars and flew to Wenzhou to meet his 'goddess', only to be dumbfounded when he finally saw her.

Not only did Xiaojin look completely different from her photo, she was also bigger in size. Her round face was also tanned and marked with acne.

Huang, in disbelief, asked, "You can't be XXX right? How can there be such a huge difference?"

Xiaojin answered, "It's me. It's just that the photo had been edited and I was wearing makeup. This is my bare face."

The two then got into a heated dispute in public. In a fit of anger, Huang assaulted Xiaojin.

The commotion led to both of them being in the police station, where the issue was finally resolved amicably.

A disappointed Huang flew back to Harbin on the same day, but not before exclaiming, "After today, I will never believe in online romance again!"

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