Man fattens up girlfriend so that she will not stray

How do you keep a girl from straying to other guys? According to one man in Guangzhou, it is not making yourself look good or treating her well.

You Pan, 25, decided to "fatten her up" so that guys would keep their hands off his girlfriend, Yan Tai, 20.

According to, Yan was a healthy 50kg two years ago and You was extremely paranoid about her dating other men.

Treating her to big breakfasts, hearty lunches and huge dinners, he made sure she ate as much as she could every day.

He even woke her up in the middle of the night to give her snacks.

Yan then blossomed from 50kg to 90kg - almost double of when she started dating him.

You then recently proposed to Yan, with friends holding up pictures of food.

He is apparently going to fill her with more food after marriage.

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