Michelle Chong's beauty secrets

Local actress-turned-director Michelle Chong.

The actress-turned-director will be back for Season 7 of MediaCorp Channel 5's show, The Noose, which premieres in April.

She had left the show after the fifth season to focus on directing, but recently announced that she would be back on it, along with her alter egos sarong party girl Barbarella, air-head newscaster Adrianna Wow, Filipino domestic helper Leticia Bongnino and Lulu the Chinese KTV hostess.

The latter will be the star of a new movie that Chong is currently making. Chong, who has been acting since 1998, also owns the production company Huat Films and talent-management agency Left Profile.

What is the one product you would not step out of the house without?

Definitely sunblock, as I have seen my late grandmother's smooth, fair legs that she kept away from the sun with long pants. That made me realise that the sun is the No. 1 one cause of skin ageing.

I use any kind sent to my artiste-management company every other month.

I am currently alternating between Lancome's UV Expert SPF50 and Kiehl's Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense sunscreens.

What is the one grooming service you cannot do without?

I go for facials at MTM at Winsland House prior to important shoots or events because I always leave with firmer, fresher skin.

What, in your opinion, is the best beauty invention?

The humble tissue paper. You can blow your nose, blot your oily face and wipe away excess lipstick or mascara smudges with it.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have done in the name of beauty?

Botox. In my first movie Already Famous, I had to act as a girl in her twenties, and my skin doctor convinced me that Botox would make me look younger. I think he gave me too much and I ended up looking perpetually evil and wide-eyed. Someone even commented on my Instagram photo, "Why does Leticia look like Michael Jackson?".

Luckily, most of the effects of the Botox jabs faded by the time I started filming my movie about three months later.

What is the best beauty tip anyone has given you?

Shampoo your hair daily. I have been the spokesman for the hair loss treatment salon Beijing 101 for several years and learnt that one of the main causes of hair loss is an oily scalp. A lot of people have the misconception that washing your hair daily will strip your scalp of the oils it needs. But in our hot and humid weather, not shampooing your hair daily will actually cause your hair follicles to clog up and eventually lead to hair loss.

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