Miss Indonesia’s 20kg costume wins at Miss Universe

Central Java's Borobudur Temple made history at the Miss Universe pageant 2015. Miss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira won the best national costume for her take on the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The 20kg costume she wore also bore the style of traditional West Javanese peacock dance costumes.

The annual Miss Universe pageant is a celebration of beauty, brains, world peace and crazy national costumes.

It seems that the costume segment is the main event keeping the struggling glitter and feather industry afloat. Maybe it is the ultimate top model test to see who can maintain grace and poise while dressed in ridiculous ensembles.

Here are some of the craziest ones we have seen this year. Lady Gaga, you might want to keep your credit card on hand.

In no particular order…

Miss Canada Chanel Beckenlehner

Um, yes we know Canadians' love for hockey is second to their love for maple syrup. But a costume with hockey stick "wings" and a scoreboard that actually works? A very subtle way of displaying your national sport on an international platform.

Props to Miss Canada though. To maintain perfect runway pose in heels while wearing what looks like 5kg-worth of headgear is no easy feat.

Miss Singapore Rathi Menon

Dear Miss Singapore, if you are trying to a wear a physical representation of your national flag, you have on too many stars.

Her ensemble is ice skater meets gladiator meets Mardi Gras. It is hard to just focus on one aspect of it or even take in its beauty.

Miss Ireland Lisa Madden

Her look is inspired by the medieval armor worn by Celtic warriors. Was one of their war strategies killing their enemies with laughter?

Well one thing they got right was that the colour matches her skin tone and hair colour, so it wasn't a total fail.

Miss Venezuela Migbelis Lynette Castellanos

If you don't know what the national tree of Venezuela is, the Tabebuia Chrysantha is not as glittery nor is the trunk as voluptuous as Castellanos' figure.

As if dressing as a tree isn't flamboyant enough, her outfit is topped with a glittery headpiece. Subtlety wasn't the designer's aesthetic.

Miss Curaçao Laurien Angelista

Dressing as the eponymous liqueur and native fruit used to make it isn't always the best idea. Her dress would have worked if she had dropped the giant bottle of curacao liqueur. So close, so close. Miss Curaçao.

Miss Sri Lanka Avanti Page

Another contestant who looks like a giant flower. However, we can give her some concession as she made the costume herself. The aspiring entrepreneur graduated with Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Commercial Law. Her go-getter spirit will take her places if she avoids the costume industry.

Miss Lithuania Patricija Belousova

From afar, her costume is stunningly ethereal. Up close, she looks like forgot to wear one part of her costume. Very daring, very see-through, very little mermaid when she first gains legs.

Did we miss out on any crazy national costumes?

This article was first published here on social entertainment portal migme.