Miss Philippines-Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco Is a medical physicist

Karen Ibasco took home the crown for Miss Philippines-Earth.
PHOTO: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

The grand coronation night for Miss Philippines-Earth 2017 happened over the weekend and we have to admit, the energy and excitement is apparent even a day later. I guess there's something about beauty pageants that unite us to celebrate as a country.

Enter Karen Ibasco, the woman who took home the crown for Miss Philippines-Earth. She's a medical physicist who is an advocate for energy conservation through the renewable and sustainable energy.

She was able to talk about it during her pageant Q&A.

Her question from host Robi Domingo was, "The government slogan is 'Change Is Coming,' what change do you want to see in terms of environmental policies in the country?"

She confidently answered, "In terms of environmental policies everyone [is] experiencing climate change, the whole world is experiencing climate change and I'm just grateful that the Philippines signed the Paris Treaty. What I want to see is to pass Carbon Tax. That way we can invest in renewable energy to help our world to be a better place and be habitable for the whole humanity. Thank you!"

Karen is now in a perfect position to work on her advocacy and at the same time bring this issue to light-more than ever.

Right after her win, she posted on Instagram thanking each and everyone who supported her in this journey. She committed to giving her all in representing the country and "to continue the legacy of what Miss Earth is all about."

She even shared how excited she is to shout "Karen Ibasco, Philippines," for the upcoming international Miss Earth pageant happening in November.

Congratulations to you, Karen, and to Miss Philippines-Water Jessica Marasigan, Miss Philippines-Air Kim de Guzman, Miss Philippines-Fire Nellza Bautista, and Miss Philippines-Ecotourism Vanessa Mae Castillo.