Montblanc looks to the moon for Boheme Moon Garden collection

Only the most magical setting was fitting for Montblanc's celebration of its poetic interpretation of time, and so the Orangerie in Paris' romantic Jardin de Tuileries was transformed into a captivating Boheme Moon Garden one summer evening.

An astrologer did moon readings for guests and calligrapher Nicolas Ourchenir did personalised moons. Montblanc's craftsmanship was also on display with live demonstrations by artisans of diamond setting on the bezel and the assembly of the fine jewellery pieces.

Under the moonlit sky, celebrity guests such as Montblanc brand ambassadors Charlotte Casiraghi and Taiwanese actress Gwei Lun Mei, as well as Singapore actress Jeanette Aw, blogger Chiara Ferragni and other stars joined the Maison in unveiling the timepieces and jewellery from its Boheme Moongarden's latest collection last month.

Inspired by the mysterious allure and romance of the moon, this new collection is an extension of the Boheme line launched in Shanghai last year.

"We wanted to further explore our creativity in watchmaking, and were very inspired to create this new interpretation of the moon," said Montblanc International CEO Jerome Lambert.

At the core of this innovative approach is Montblanc's commitment towards interpreting fine watchmaking for women.

"We didn't want to just partly transfer what's created for men a century ago. We want to create new concepts and new ideas, and a new blend between style and functionality and craftsmanship. For a Maison like ours, creating new movement and new functionality is a very appealing idea. That's an inspiring new field because you can really reinvent," added Lambert.

Montblanc looked at time beyond the usual measurements of hours, minutes and seconds.

"If you think about time in the context of how you really feel it, it's about becoming day and night, the changes of the light. Then, there is the moon.

"This is a poetic understanding of time which goes beyond seconds and precise time measurement. This kind of poetic realisation of time inspired us for this range," said Montblanc executive vice president (Product Management, Brand Communications and PR) Jens Henning Koch.

(L) Boheme Perpetual Calender in red gold combines fine craftsmanship, technical precision and a complication inspired by the moon.
(R) Montblanc Boheme Moongarden watch with a new complexity that offers the 12 names of the moons instead of the months.

From this poetic interpretation, Montblanc has created two new timepieces that pair aesthetic elegance with functional unique complications - the Boheme Moongarden and the Day and Night.

For the Boheme Moongarden collection, the Maison delved into ancient human history, to a time when the rhythm of life was very much determined by the moons and the seasons. In many cultures - from the Red Indians to the English - full moons were given names to represent the stories of that particular month.

Inspired by this tradition, Montblanc has come up with its interpretations of the names of full moons for the Boheme Moongarden collection.

The Maison has created a new exclusive complication that displays the names of each month's full moon instead of the traditional name of the month. Lambert said he is excited by this new interpretation of time because it is also so closely linked to Montblanc's DNA with its heritage of writing instruments and word making.

With this new complication, Montblanc celebrates each full moon's unique story. For instance, January is called the Ice Moon to represent "the cold and deep snows of midwinter", while May is known as the Bright Moon because the moon then is particularly bright and long in the sky. September is the Fruit Moon because farmers work late into the night by the light of the moon to pick fruits.

The full moon's name appears in a crescent-shaped window above the centre moon phase disc at six o'clock. From Ice Moon to Oak Moon, the names of the 12 moon phases are engraved in a circular fashion on the back of the watch to facilitate the setting and choice of the moons.

The 18K red gold bezel is set with 78 fine Wesselton diamonds with floral Arabic numerals and gold-plated hands in leaf shape.

The other complication in the Boheme collection is the Day and Night which highlights the beauty in the transition of time, from day to night.

The watch has a moon phase disc which traces the flow of time, using the sun and moon.

During the day, the disc is dark blue with a golden sun. At night, it is dark blue with a smiling golden moon and stars.

There is also a fine moon-shaped pointer hand that extends to indicate the date on an outer ring on the dial.

"The Boheme Day and Night watch is very functional but also very sophisticated and feminine. You have the hour, minutes and seconds and dates. But in this opening, you have the disc that shows you if it's day or night.

"Your watch is changing its look every hour. At noon, you have the sun and the day sky. At 6 o'clock in the evening, you have the moon rising and at midnight you have the moon at 12 o'clock," said Montblanc International managing director Alexander Schmiedt as he demonstrated the functions on the Boheme Day and Night watch.

The timepiece also comes in a new size in the Boheme collection in a 34mm stainless steel case which features a bezel fully set with 72 top Wesselton diamonds.

To appeal to feminine aesthetic sensibilities, the silvery white guilloche dial has black Arabic numerals, blue leaf-shaped and baton-shaped hands.

The Boheme collection was created for the Montblanc woman, which Schmiedt defines as someone who "knows her style and who is not following trends but setting them."

"She is sophisticated classic but also modern contemporary. She is not just looking at outer beauty but also inner values. She is beauty and brains."

It is for this Montblanc woman, says Schmiedt, that the Maison wants to interpret fine watchmaking which is about craftsmanship, sophistication and technical precision in a unique, feminine way.

"That's what you see in the Boheme collection," he stresses.

It is also in this spirit that the Boheme timepieces feature interchangeable leather straps so that women can create their own personal look.

"Why should women be like men and only wear single-coloured watch straps?" said Lambert.

The Boheme collection features two- colour calf leather straps featuring seasonal colours to evoke the seasons and changing moon phases. The autumnal colour combination of dark brown and khaki match the red gold version of the watch, while spring is celebrated with grey and pastel blue leather wristbands. Summer is expressed with yellow and blue, representing the sun and sea. Winter colours are nude and white tones.

The Boheme Moongarden collection also includes jewellery with the mesmerising glow of elegant moon pearls. The refined jewellery pieces pair rhodium-plated silver with the iridescence of Akoya pearls, farmed in the sea of South Japan.

Classic pearls are given contemporary design renditions that enable women to create their own style. The necklace can be worn at different lengths, and there is also a sautoir featuring a cascade of four chains embellished with different-sized pearls.

Completing the Boheme collection is the Doue Moongarden writing instrument that references the moon and its impact on the four seasons.

With its new creations dedicated to the beauty of the moon, Montblanc gives the contemporary woman watches, jewellery and writing instruments that celebrate fine craftsmanship and technical precision with unique and feminine interpretations.