More men filing marital complaints

A growing number of men are approaching the Association for Protection of Men in Chennai with complaints about their wives, Tamil Nesan reported.

The report said the association had received a total of 5,000 complaints from men in Chennai this year, with 400 of them petitioning for divorce.

Another 2,000 men had made similar complaints in Mumbai.

The complaints from the men ranged from matters such as ego clashes to sexual torture, with 30 per cent experiencing problems with their wives and another 20 per cent complaining of fights over living in a joint family.

According to the report, some of the men had complained that their wives were dissatisfied with them in bed and had resorted to extramarital affairs.

Others claimed to have been beaten up by their wives.

India's National Crime Records Bureau also reported that one married man commits suicide due to marital or financial pressure every eight minutes in the country.