More power to women in the Year of the Rooster

This Rooster year, women are in a better position than men.

Trust them to make better judgments, says feng shui master Yap Boh Chu.

"Female energy is superior to male energy this year. In general, females will have clarity of mind and are generally luckier than males. They are likely to be more correct in their opinions and decisions."

On the downside, women will be subjected to more backstabbing and damaging gossip, he warns.

To offset this, he advises women to have proper feng shui in the home and office.

Also, do not renovate or dig in the west sector of your home, or property, or the problem will get worse!

Yap also suggests that we make more friends this Rooster year.

"Friendships and networking are the best sources of wealth. Contentious issues can be resolved harmoniously, and in a win-win situation, if you have more friends and networking contacts," he says.

He urges us not to rush, but pick and choose opportunities properly so that fortune can be made.

Yap gives us a month by month guide:

February: A good month to build relationships, whether personal, or in business. It is a good time to start planning and discussions.

March: Keep a low profile as this is a month where many quarrels will take place. It is best to avoid behaving badly as it will backfire on you.

April: Quarrels may break out between women or are caused by them. Be careful not to commit any serious offences or the long arm of the law will catch up with you.

May: A good time to travel to change one's luck. One should also be patient in one's endeavours as luck will change for the better. Exert your leadership skills this month. Exercise a firm hand in business whether in actions or negotiations.

June: You will face many obstacles to your plans, making it difficult to carry them out. Maintain status quo and wait for another opportune time to execute your plans.

July: It is a month of law suits and relationship problems. Travel may change your luck. Women should beware of their health.

August: The problems and obstacles of the past months will clear and luck will change. Men above 60 should take precautions with their health as their health star is weak. It's a good month to rediscover your spiritual path.

September: The good fortune of the previous month continues. Be careful. Even though you are enjoying good fortune, you may also face disasters. Friends can turn to enemies out of jealousy. Women have stronger luck this month.

October: The strong will be weak and the weak will be strong. Those who want to invest should do it in a conservative manner. There will be happiness in the family, births and weddings.

November: A time to act. Do not hesitate as quick action will be rewarded. There will also be happiness in the family, in births and weddings. Quarrels and arguments can be resolved this month.

December: Wishes will be fulfilled. Those looking for fame and recognition will achieve it. Keep your focus and do not divert from your actions and thoughts. Those with bad intentions will fail.

January, 2018: Luck will be maintained. It is a good month for entrepreneurs.

However, beware of bad luck at the end of the month.

Try to avoid being distracted. Avoid outdoor activities.