A Mr Right from Singapore

Will China model-actress Lynn Hung be the next overseas star to marry a Singaporean man, following the examples of Taiwanese stars Charlie Young and Vivian Hsu?

The Hong Kong-based star has been photographed enjoying herself on vacation at Universal Studios Singapore with Mr Rodney Lee, an alleged Singapore tycoon whom she was said to be dating earlier in the year.

But Hung, 33, denies the reports, saying simply: "We're just friends. People got too excited over nothing."

She was in town to celebrate the first anniversary of Japanese luxury jeweller Mikimoto's flagship boutique at Marina Bay Sands and to launch the brand's Hello Kitty collection.

Despite denying that she is dating Mr Lee, she says she is open to marrying a Singaporean man some day and admits that she has considered this option before.

She tells Life!: "I have thought about that possibility before because I have many friends here who keep introducing Singaporean guys to me."

"Singapore men are very gentlemanly and hospitable, always taking me out for meals and taking good care of me when I'm here. Hopefully, I will meet one whom I can date soon. If he suits me and I really like him, then it doesn't matter wherever I have to go to be together with him."

She pauses, then adds with a laugh: "But so far, those I like are either married or already have girlfriends, so it looks like I have to wait for the right one."

The right Singapore man for Young is businessman Khoo Shao Tze, whom she married last November, while Hsu wed Singapore-based executive Sean Lee in January this year.

In the 20-minute interview, Hung was candid about wanting to find domestic bliss like Young and Hsu.

"I enjoy my work as well as focusing on my career but when I go home, I have only my two dogs to keep me company. It can be rather miserable," says the star, who broke up with top Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok in April last year after seven years together.

"Hopefully, I will get a guy to keep me company for my birthday next year. This year, I'll be spending it with my friends," says Hung, who turns 34 next month.

Perhaps learning a lesson or two from her past relationship, she says she is now more inclined to date men outside of showbusiness because "men outside the entertainment circle will be able to spend more time with me."

She also insists that she will be open about her love life from now on, unlike her relationship with Kwok, which they both never publicly admitted when they were dating.

"If I have a boyfriend, I will definitely be open and tell all of you about it, so don't be anxious. I will reveal my relationship because I want everyone's blessings."

Now that she has downgraded from being a "Heavenly King's girlfriend" to a "Heavenly King's ex", you wonder if she has been less hounded by the paparazzi of late. After all, she became well-known only because she was linked to Kwok.

Clearly still in good spirits, she says in jest: "They still come after me but it hasn't been too bad lately. I think the paparazzi's very busy these days."


This article was first published on Sept 26, 2014.
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