Mum's the word

By Tony Ross, Harpercollins Children's Books, $12.73

Whenever anything goes wrong, the little princess cries: "I want my mum!" One day, when she is invited to a sleepover, she finds that maybe she doesn't need her mother for everything. But what does the queen think of her little princess' newfound independence?

Sometimes, it's not just the little one who needs her mummy, but Mummy who needs her little one, too.

Recommended for kids aged four to six.

By Angela McAllister and Alex T. Smith, Scholastic, $16.83

Milo is sure his mum has X-ray vision. How else would she know that he uses her saucepans to brew up spells in the garden? Or that he was wrestling a sea monster in the bathtub?

But when he decides to test his theory one day, he's disappointed when she doesn't find him in his hiding spot. But does that really mean she isn't a superhero? Little does Milo know…

Recommended for kids aged five to seven.

By Jessica Spanyol, Walker Books, $28.86

What makes a mummy beautiful in the mind of one little bear? It's because of all the time they spend together, and the silly things, too.

Repetitive sentence structures and full-page illustrations are combined to create a lovely example of how even the smallest things that you do for your young one can leave a great impression on his understanding of the concept of love.

Recommended for kids aged four to six.

By Sebastien Braun, Koala Books, $14.93

The mother rabbit watches as her little bunny plays, the mummy beaver works hard to take care of her home, the mummy bear carries her little cubs when they are tired, and the mother fox cuddles her kit when it's time for bed.

With its short and simple sentences and colourful illustrations, this book teaches the lesson that a mother's love is universal.

Recommended for kids aged three to five.

By Caroline Stills, Black Dog Books, $19.21

What is it that makes a mummy so magical? Is it the way she can brush out tangled hair without it hurting? Maybe it is the way she always finds those lost toys.

How about the way her kisses make the pain go away after a fall? Is it just one of those things or it is all of the above? This simple story with its plain illustrations serves as a reminder of all the little things that mums do every day.

Recommended for kids aged four to six.

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