My Love star Kim on his dreamgirl

Hong Kong - Kim Soo Hyun, the leading man of My Love From The Star, will fly to China today to bask in the success of the K-drama in the country.

The 26-year-old South Korean actor plays alien professor Do Min Joon in the romantic comedy, which also stars Gianna Jun as Chun Song Yi, the leading lady who Do loves and continually saves from a serial killer.

The show, which has taken China by storm, ended happily on Feb 27 and is still airing in Singapore.

But it left fans wanting more, especially viewers who expected a classic K-drama ending - a sweet wedding, tasteful sex scene, baby.

To make hay while the sun shines, Jiangsu Satellite TV is paying 6 million yuan (S$1.2 million) for Kim to appear on its reality show The Brain, says Apple Daily.

It will also give him VIP treatment, including a special flight to take him to China and back to South Korea in five hours, says the report.

On Wednesday, Kim spoke to reporters in Lotte Hotel Seoul.

In his first press conference since the success of the show, he said he had given the love scenes of his character - an extraterrestrial who has never been kissed in his 400 years on Earth - a lot of thought.

He said: "I thought that Do Min Joon should be stiff and awkward, but at staff meetings, we talked about how we wanted viewers to respond to the kissing scenes, so I focused instead on creating better angles."

Here are Kim's other thoughts on starring in the romance.

Are you happy with the ending of My Love From The Star?

I was looking forward to a tragic ending. I have always wanted to cry my eyes out. The story I had in mind was about Do Min Joon, who had to leave, having a relationship with a time limit. But in the end, it was a happy ending.

What do you have in common with your character?

Do Min Joon is knowledgeable. How can I catch up with him on this? As for what we have in common, we're both serious and sedate.

What was it like working with Gianna Jun again, after your 2012 film The Thieves?

Working with Gianna Jun again, I was relaxed. Gianna Jun is cheerful. She can create an atmosphere on the set on her own. Because of her presence, all the male staff are happy.

Would you want a girlfriend like her character?

When I first read the script, I found Chun Song Yi very cute, but felt it would be tiring to have such a lively girlfriend. I believe only a guy with Do's character and ability fits Chun. But I really hope to have a girlfriend like her.

What do you think was the most classic scene in the show?

I had a lot of kissing scenes with Gianna Jun and I believe the most classic of them is the time-stopping kiss on the frozen lake.

If you could choose, which of Do Min Joon's superpowers would you want?

I would pick teleporting, so I can go home instantly when we call it a day and I won't be late for work.

Do you know the show is big in China?

I knew it after half of My Love From The Star had aired. I'm happy and proud, and I hope the trip to China will be a success.

You are famous in show business for your small face. Next to yours, most faces look as big as pizzas. What do you think of your natural advantage over other actors?

(Laughs) I really have to thank my mum.

My Love From The Star airs on One (StarHub TV Channel 820 or mio TV Channel 513) on Wednesdays and Thurdays, at 8.55pm.

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