Myolie Wu and hubby's honeymoon adventure continues 'under the sea'

PHOTO: Myolie Wu, Internet

Hong Kong star Myolie Wu and her husband, Philip Lee, have flown out of frosty Hokkaido, Japan, and have been soaking up the sun and enjoying fresh catches in the southern hemisphere for their honeymoon.

According to Wu's Facebook page, the pair enjoyed a paradise-like stay in Bora Bora and are now in New Zealand, having fun fishing and even landing a big catch.

The couple got married on Dec 28, 2015, to huge fanfare. They announced their engagement just one month before their wedding.

They then left for Hokkaido in Japan on Jan 4 for their honeymoon and were seen in thick winter clothes at the ski slopes.

According to Wu, the photos she posted on her Facebook page were taken when they were in Hirafu Village, Niseko.

Jaynestars reported that after Japan, they also visited Tahiti and mingled with swordfishes. Wu posted photos of them on Facebook in Bora Bora, diving underwater in the French Polynesian city of Fa'a'a around Jan 16 to 18.

In their photos in New Zealand uploaded on Jan 21, the pair were snapped on a yacht and fishing at Lake Tarawera. They both caught fishes and Wu's catch was slightly larger than her husband's.

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She posted: "Look how happy Mr Lee is because my fish is bigger."

Her husband had put on a comically sad face in the photo and he posted a reply: "My reaction after realising Mrs Lee's first fish was way bigger than mine."

Beautiful parrot fish

Posted by Myolie Wu on Monday, 18 January 2016

Their adorable couple shots got fans tickled and many left messages of well wishes.

Ngongotaha, a town on the western shores of Lake Rotorua in New Zealand's North Island, was one of the places they visited.

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The couple's foodie adventure also raised envy from their fans and followers.

Wu posted photos their meals consisting of rainbow trout and sashimi in New Zealand, and a shot of her hubby trying to conquer an enormous plate of omelette rice covered with thick curry sauce in Japan.