Myolie Wu goes through traditional Hakka wedding ceremony at ancestral hall

Myolie Wu married her Hong Kong businessman boyfriend Philip Lee in a lavish wedding last month on Dec 28 and a few days ago, travelled to Lee's Hakka ancestral village for a traditional ceremony.

The Lee family's ancestral village is located at Sha Tau Kok in Hong Kong. 

The couple went to visit the village on Jan 2 to pay their respects, attracting many onlookers. 

According to Asian E-News Portal, Wu was dressed in a red long dress with a red leather jacket and red head wear. Lee matched his wife's outfit with a red sweater.

The scene was lively with a lion dance and firecrackers, according to media reports.

The newlyweds walked hand-in-hand into the ancestral hall as a large crowd of villagers gathered to wish the couple well.

Wu impressed onlookers with her self-introduction in the Hakka dialect, and announced that she hoped to carry on the Lee family line "with three babies in a year".

According to sources, the couple are "letting nature take its course" and hoping to receive good news soon, My Paper reported.

Following the ceremony, the couple jetted off on their honeymoon to the ski resort town of Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. 

The new Mrs Lee snapped a selfie while on the plane along with the caption: "Bye, Hong Kong." 

On Tuesday, the happy couple posted a photo of themselves all bundled up in their skiing gear as fresh snow falls around them.