Myolie Wu reveals she has no lack of suitors

Hong Kong actress Myolie says she has no lack of suitors, but none have given her the special feeling, reported Asian E-News Portal.

Last week, Wu told reporters at an event in Hong Kong that she has yet to find her other half.

She revealed that there have been a few suitors, but the 'feeling' hasn't been right.

Wu was previously linked to fellow actor, Bosco Wong. The pair ended their eight-year relationship in 2012.

When asked if she will be renewing her contract with Hong Kong broadcaster TVB after her contract expires, Wu admitted she was in the midst of negotiating the contract.

Lamenting the fact that she is not getting any younger, the actress, who will turn 35 on Nov 6, said she needed to think carefully about the road ahead, as next year will mark 16 years since she joined TVB as an actress.

Wu disclosed that she has had a hectic work schedule and would need time to find her other half, as well as to manage juggling both her personal life and work if possible. 

But it seems whatever she chooses, Wu has the support of her colleague, actress Linda Chung.

When told that Wu may not renew her contract, Chung said: "I feel it is normal. There is a cycle and more senior people will leave and newer ones will be promoted.

"Myolie is my elder 'sister' and I will support her decision," added Chung.