Nature-themed womenswear collections

Local fashion designer Rico Rinaldi recently launched his womenswear collection for 2016.

The fashion show, which was graced by some of Malaysia's hottest society faces and fashion enthusiasts, saw the debut of two separate collections that share the theme of nature.

The first collection was an assembly of made-to-measure garments that drew inspiration from the exquisite and unique beauty that is nature.

While it was an easy collection of button down tops, long voluminous skirts and kaftan-like dresses, the energy was amped up by what could be deemed a barrage of bright colours and floral inspired motifs and designs.

The second collection however was on the opposite end of the spectrum as it was a celebration of the designer's advocacy for freedom and models were fully clad in white bridal pieces.

Bright colours and floral inspired motifs were seen in the collection. Photos: Rico Rinaldi

Elements of nature came into play with beautiful and complementing embroideries of birds in gold threads or beading and 3D floral detailing, also tying the collection in with the subject of freedom.

With both these collections, the designer made no attempt at being discreet about his love for celebrating freedom and nature saying, "I am a true advocate of freedom, and would like my designs to encourage everyone to be free-spirited and stand for freedom in today's world."

The designer believes that the manifestation of his work in fashion is heavily inspired by his fondness of the natural world.

With these collections, he challenged himself to capture the beauty that nature exhibits with each piece that he worked on.

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Bridal collection from Rico Rinaldi's womenswear 2016 collection.