Never buy your wedding gown online - these disastrous knock-offs will show you why

Never buy your wedding gown online - these disastrous knock-offs will show you why

There are many ways to cut costs for your wedding, but if you are thinking of buying your gown online to save a few bucks, you might want to think again after seeing these disastrous knock-offs.

Facebook group Knock Off Nightmare has been sharing the awful dresses that women have bought online from various clothing websites. Often, these dresses show up looking nothing like they were advertised, reported Daily Mail.

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One gown appeared fairytale-like with shiny embellishments and sheer floral pattern on the shopping website, but the actual outfit left one buyer fuming in rage before collapsing in laughter.


Though the gown was the right size, it was missing the mermaid skirt detail and the bustier, which was supposed to look romantic, looked like someone had cut out two white circles and pasted them on.

The gown looked so terrible that its new owner could not help laughing at the monstrosity of it after they got over the initial horror of seeing it.

If that does not shock you, how about a sexy lace number with a flowery design on the neckline?

The outfit posted on a Chinese clothing website turned out to be a badly sewn, shapeless piece, and was so short that it would have exposed the wearer's underwear.


Other than looking completely different from the original, the silk, chiffon and delicate lace featured on the dress were also replaced with cheap fabric and sequins.

On top of that, customer service is often another missing component in these horror frock tales.

One bride-to-be ordered a gown in size six but was sent the dress in a far smaller size two.

To her horror, her feedback was not taken seriously. Instead, the store's representative wrote back saying: "But you look good in it!"

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