New cosmetic products help adults fight acne

Cosmetic products have recently appeared that help protect against adult acne, especially the pimples that pop up around the mouth and chin, as well as maintain a regular skincare regime.

Acne is mainly caused by blocked pores and excess oily secretions from the sebaceous glands. Acne bacteria multiplies by feeding on the oil built up in pores, causing inflammation.

Influenced by growth hormones, the sebaceous glands produce oil more actively during puberty, leading to acne. However, the acne that people have in their 20s or later stems from disturbances in the skin's metabolism that leave old dead skin cells to block pores. This allows pimples to form as acne bacteria multiplies.

Stress, an irregular diet and sleep deprivation can all trigger the onset of acne. It can happen to anyone, and it's especially a source of worry for women.

"It's important to take another look at your daily routine and habits, and not neglect proper daily skincare," said Kanae Fujii, director of the Nishi-Azabu Hifu Keiseigeka dermatology and plastic surgery clinic in Tokyo.

Fujii recommends washing your face with plenty of lather without directly scrubbing the skin to avoid inflammation, and then applying face lotion evenly, followed by clear lotion and cream with oil to moisturize the skin. Products containing vitamin C or vitamin A are effective for curing or preventing acne.

Cosmetics maker Orbis Inc. surveyed 648 women in their 20s and 30s online in January 2014 and found that 58.3 per cent of them did not use skin care products specially made for pimples.

Their principal reasons included statements like "I feel like those skin care products are only effective against pimples" and "I feel they don't moisturize and could worsen my skin."

Cosmetics makers are now selling moisture-rich products that contribute to one's daily skincare regimen as well as fight acne.

Orbis began selling in March facial wash cream, skin lotion and other items of the Yakuyo [Medical] Clear brand that contain the acne-preventing ingredient gromwell root extract and the moisturizing ingredient coix seed extract. The company said it aims to develop items that can be used even when there is no acne to fight.

Also in March, Shiseido Co. began selling Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel, a clear lotion that includes an acne-preventing active ingredient, on its website and at other outlets. The item targets sudden and unexpected acne and large pores stemming from a disrupted daily routine for women in their 20s and early 30s. It can also be used on top of make-up.

Natural oils

Guthy-Renker Japan Co. launched new acne care products from its Proactiv+ line in January after completely renewing its former lineup, which had been on sale since 2003.

With acne-preventing facial wash, clear lotion and cream, the new line incorporates botanical moisturizing ingredients. The cream also contains vitamin C derivatives, which are said to be effective in whitening skin.

Nature's Way Co. started selling in March "chant a charm" medicated acne line products with moisturizing ingredients from natural herbs. The line has a facial wash, beauty lotion, moisturizer and clear lotion, all containing natural essential oils as well as ingredients to defend against acne and to help restrain inflammation.