New face 2013: Ying Yi

New face 2013: Ying Yi

Ying Yi enjoys being madeup and has youthful self confidence on her side.

She said: "I like knowing how pretty I can get! I think that being confident is not being afraid of what you are, what you have, or what others think.

"What others think of me rarely affects me."

Ying Yi is also big on sports.

She has been playing basketball since she was 13.

The game also teaches her life lessons, she said.

"I am a basketball player, so losing and winning happens all the time."

"But there is this one game that I cannot forget. It was a match that kicked us out of the nationals last year. It was a big loss to us all."

But she and the rest of the team decided to stop the tears and move on.

"There is no point regretting and thinking of the things we wish we had not done. Instead, we trained really hard and came in fourth at the national competition this year."

The lesson for Ying Yi?

"Losing is not everything."

"Each time you lose, it is a lesson for you to learn. If we did not lose the (previous year's) game, we would not know where and what we needed to improve on."

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