New Face: Clarissa Teo

Clarissa is very particular about her dressing.

"I am a fashion student, and yes, I believe it is important to be stylish," she said.

But being well-dressed is not of utmost importance to her.

"You don't have to be an Einstein but I feel that you should at least be clever at something.

"Try not to be an empty vessel."

Clarissa's biggest influence is her mother.

Her father walked out of the family when Clarissa was 14 and her mother was saddled with large debts to clear.

"My mum had to work three jobs to make ends meet."

Clarissa's mother struggled until Clarissa's 27-year-old sister and 25-year-old brother started contributing to the household.

Clarissa chipped in as well, working part-time during her school breaks.

And that, she said, taught her a few life lessons.

"Rely on no one but yourself, your family members are the closest to you, love your mum and never marry the wrong man."

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