New Face: Felicia Lie

Felecia comes from a large family - she is the fourth of six girls.

But far from fighting for attention, she loves being in a big family.

"I love all my sisters very much.

We're unique in our own ways even though we all look alike," she said.

"It's really fun to have so many sisters, we get to share clothes and shoes."

And she has her elder sister Janet to thank for being in this year's The New Paper New Face.

"My sister auditioned for The New Paper New Face in 2009 and made it to the second round.

"But she was not in Singapore to attend the second round of auditions, and since then never found another chance to audition for it again.

"She told me to try out for The New Paper New Face this year and has been supporting me ever since."

Felecia was born in Singapore to Indonesian parents.

"I can speak fluent Bahasa. I communicate with my parents in Bahasa every day."

And when it comes to food, Indonesia is where her stomach is.

"I love Indonesian food as I grew up eating it. Beef rendang and ayam penyet are my favourite.

"I'm not good at cooking, but hopefully, my mum will pass down her skills and recipes to me."

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