New look, thanks to new shoes

New look, thanks to new shoes

SINGAPORE - The New Paper's New Face 2013 top 20 headed down to New Look at 313@ Somerset, where they had a field day browsing through countless racks of shoes.

They were each given a pair of heels by New Look, a sponsor of this year's competition. Selecting a pair of shoes is part of the New Face tradition and the pair they select will last them from events to shoots to the runway.

Serious business

Realising the importance of liking the shoes she will be wearing for months to come, student Karyn Tay took the business of selecting a pair seriously.

The soft-spoken 19-year-old said: "There are so many shoes to choose from, I had a hard time deciding on one."

After trying on various pairs, Karyn was able to select a pair that suited her best.

She said: "I don't go for really bright colours and prefer more neutral shades.

"The ones I chose are really comfortable and they suit my personality."

Then there were those who reached new heights in their New Look heels.

Student Ong Qian Ni, 19, said: "These are the highest heels I've ever worn. Usually when I wear stilettos, the heels are usually thicker."

While Qian Ni initially had some trouble finding a pair that fit her, the white, textured pair of shoes she eventually chose complemented her well.

She said: "I like the colour and the texture and because I'm a bit more tanned, I think the colour stands out against my skin more."

She added with a laugh: "I'm going to have to wear them at home to get used to them."

Another New Face finalist who needed to get used to the height boost was Tan Ying Yi.

The 17-year-old, 1.72m-tall student said: "I don't usually wear high heels because I'm taller than most of my friends, so I don't really feel comfortable in them."

With that in mind, she settled on a black and white pair that she said made her feel more "secure", thanks to a buckle strap.

But buckle strap or not, Ying Yi said she definitely enjoyed her shopping experience.

She said: "There were so many pretty ones to choose from and it's true that girls love shoes. So it's really awesome that we've got a pair from New Look."

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