No confinement nanny for Gigi Leung

HONG KONG - Pregnant actress Gigi Leung and husband Sergio plan to be hands-on parents in the first month after their baby is born, turning their back on hiring a confinement nanny for the period, which is a typical Chinese custom.

Calling Sergio a "participative husband" in her pregnancy so far, Leung said in a Ming Pao video that they have decided to do everything on their own.

"We prefer to be more hands-on, and another reason is we might not be comfortable with having another person in the house," said Leung of their decision not to hire a confinement nanny.

She added: "Even if it gets unbearable, one month will pass very quickly." 

Reporters were concerned when the five-month pregnant Leung stepped out at an event recently in high heels.

When quizzed about her choice of footwear, Leung revealed that her colourful pumps got the stamp of approval from her husband, Sergio.

"Actually I asked my husband yesterday, he said it's OK as I'll just be standing and posing in these heels for only 10 minutes. Even our doctor has approved, he said it is no problem as long as I can keep my balance."

The 38-year-old first-time mother says pregnancy has been good to her so far.

"Right now I'm in the 'honeymoon period' of pregnancy, so I'm enjoying it."

"My appetite changes all the time, and I always feel like snacking."

"If my husband doesn't allow me to eat something but I have a craving, I'll secretly eat it when he's out of the house.

"For example, chocolates. If he's not around I'll just have one piece, he won't notice," Leung laughed as she told reporters.

With her penchant for sweets, Leung has reportedly gained an unhealthy 9kg in five months, according to Sina Entertainment in Nov.

While out shopping at a candy shop earlier this month, her husband could be seen discouraging his wife from over-buying.

Leung also admitted she can now eat two bowls of noodles for lunch, in addition to soups and tonics that her mum prepares.

Obstetrician warned that pregnant mums should not gain more than three pounds a month, as it would make the mum-to-be susceptible to developing diabetes and other health issues during pregnancy, reported Sina.