Not just a pretty face

Four finalists of The New Paper New Face 15 modelling competition made their radio debut yesterday morning.

Tanisha Lissa Khan, 17, Vanessa Ho, 16, Melissa Poh, 16, and Selynna Norhisham, 22, were selected by the ONE FM 91.3 morning crew to be interviewed live on their #1 Breakfast Show.

DJs Glenn Ong, The Flying Dutchman (FD), Andre Hoeden, Elliott Danker and producer Shaun Tupaz planned three segments for the quartet.

One segment involved picking one man and answering his question, beauty pageant-style.

Vanessa, a student, chose Tupaz, who asked about the last time she cried and how he could help.

She won the segment with her reply that it was due to a falling out with her best friend and she joked that he could help by buying her lunch.

Tanisha, a student, chose FD and was asked "What is the worst thing about Singaporean men?"

She struggled and said, "I don't want to offend any Singaporean guys. but it will be their height.

"The average height of Singaporean men in Singapore is about 170cm and that's around my height or shorter."

Clever quips

The other two segments featured the girls creating pickup lines and "Can of Worms", where they selected questions from a can.

Administrative manager Selynna won both segments. She caught Hoeden off guard with her pickup line: "I lost my number, can I have yours?"

When asked about the last time she suffered a wardrobe malfunction, she replied, "It was when I went out with my mother recently and noticed that my shorts had a hole.

"It was so embarrassing because we were out for a half an hour already and that hole was at my bum."

Melissa was asked: "What was the last thing or person you cheated on? Why?"

She replied, "The last thing I cheated on was my diet because I recently had bingsu (a Korean shaved ice dessert)."

Danker and FD were surprised at how quick the girls were on their feet and described them as "beauties with brains".

FD said, "It is wonderful to see that they not only have pretty faces but they also have quick minds."

Selynna said that she was surprisingly calm on the show, but it will not be the same for the New Face finals tonight.

She said: "I feel excited to do my first runway show, but it's also so sad because I won't be seeing the New Face girls as often anymore."

Vanessa said: "I'm extremely nervous about my walk because it will be in front of hundreds of people and there's so much pressure."

Tanisha felt she has the "confidence", but fellow contestants like Ophelia Oliveiro, Stacey Manoharan and Sherine Tan "have higher chances of winning".

For Melissa, the experience is all that matters and "winning is a bonus".

She said: "It's really important to just shake it off and have fun on the runway."

Ong is rooting for finalist Amy Syireen Marican, but admitted it was a tough decision.

After looking at Amy's photos on social media, he said: "She has the right attitude, to just be happy and go with what life throws at her.

"She's also determined and positive in her outlook on life. Plus, she's got a pretty nice body and a pretty nice face. #WinningStar."

Chrome-domed Hoeden is rooting for Stacey Manoharan, remarking that "she has a beautiful smile and enough hair to make him a toupee when she gets sick of her long hair."

If it were up to the girls...

Tonight, a panel of six judges will pick a girl to be named The New Paper New Face 2015.

The judges include celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee of Monsoon Hair House, former New Face finalist-turned-fashion designer Velda Tan, Her World editor Pearlyn Tham and The New Paper's deputy digital editor Juliana Rasul.

But if the top 20 were judges themselves, who would they pick? We put the squad to the vote.

Most likely to win:

R Nametha

"She is just stunning!" - Amy Syireen Marican

Nicest girl:

Niqi Chass

"She's such a sweetheart and so timid and quiet and lovely." - Marie Vanessa Chang

Best dressed:

Joeypink Lai

"I love her fashion style and taste. Not everyone can pull off one-piece jumpers and vests, but she aces the look." - Denise Pung

Most entertaining:

Samradha Sanjeev

"She has many interesting stories to share and it's entertaining watching her jam to songs a lot." - Melissa Poh

Biggest nerd:

Vanessa Ho

"I love listening to her talk about school and how she's constantly worried about being last in class." - Selynna Norhisham

This article was first published on October 01, 2015.
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