Now shipping to S'pore: How to get your hands on US cult makeup brand Colourpop

For what felt like a very long time, I've been waiting for Colourpop to expand its shipping destinations.

You see, up till this week, the best way to buy its products has been through pre-orders on Carousell. We have to admit that even with the international shipping, it might still make sense to buy it through Carousell if you aren't buying a lot of things. We'll explain why in a bit.

It wasn't until I watched Youtube star KathleenLights' video on her new Colourpop collaboration earlier this week that I discovered the brand was finally introducing worldwide shipping, with both the new shipping arrangements and her collab being released on the same day. (There are two exclusions from the list of countries they ship to, which are China and Turkey.)

What you should buy

  1. Lippie Stix - These skinny lipsticks are amazing - they're perfectly packaged for throwing in your bag, and boast great formulas with various finishes. Some are sheer, some creamy, some matte, and there's even an intriguing new Matte X finish that I'm itching to swatch for myself.
  2. Creme Gel Liner - Eye pencils that are really creamy and lasting, and come in so many shades (a foresty green called Swerve is my fave).
  3. Lippie Pencils - Wonderfully affordable lip pencils that can be worn alone or under a lipstick or gloss.
  4. Ultra Matte Lips - Liquid lipsticks that supposedly have a similar formula to the Kylie Lip Kits. The matte ones are slightly drying - most liquid lipsticks are, but these are super affordable. If you want a more hydrating option, try the Ultra Satin Lips. The Ultra Metallic Lips are also stunning, though currently sold out at the time of writing.
  5. Metallic eyeshadows - The formula is super soft and best applied with your fingertips.

The site also lets you sort the products by colours which is really handy, and there are hundreds of swatch videos and posts out there if you want to know what the shade really looks like.

Shipping costs

It's not a flat shipping rate, which is a bummer, but understandable. The rates are apparently calculated according to the size and weight of your products at checkout. From what I've managed to gather, the rates for shipping to Singapore start at US$15 (S$20), and then appear to increase by US$10 with every weight category.

Here's a breakdown of the rates by number of products I dumped in my cart. Of course, this may change over time, but as of right now it's a pretty decent guide to maximising your shipping costs!

Ultra Matte Lips liquid lipsticks (US$6 each)

US$15: 1 or 2 Ultra Matte Lips

US$25: between 3 - 23 Ultra Matte Lips

Creme Gel Liners (US$5 each)

US$15: 1 to 7 gel liners

US$25: 8 to >66 gel liners (I got to 66 before getting tired, but surely no one needs more?)

We don't imagine you'll be buying more than 23 liquid lipsticks or 66 gel liners at one go, but by the above figures alone it's very clear that the first tier is not worth your money and you're better off joining a Carousell pre-order. That said, if you're planning on trying out a bunch of stuff, you can get the most bang for your buck by buying in bulk with friends to make sure you hit the ceiling on that shipping tier allowance.

Just to get you inspired and to give you more #makeupgoals, here are some stunning swatches on different skintones that will make you want to quite literally own all the things.

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