An online fashion retailer's newest 'front thong' bodysuit is making everyone confused

PHOTO: Boohoo

Every year, renowned fashion designers always come up with brand new clothing styles. From neon jazzercise clothes to double denim trend, there will always be something to look forward to in the fashion industry-whether these are jaw-dropping or just plain ridiculous.

And this year, a new "fashion" item is trying to sneak its way into our wardrobes. A few days ago, a UK-based online fashion retailer, Boohoo introduced a bodysuit with a rather perplexing design.

In the fashion world, if you want your designs to stand out then you'll have to compromise comfort. And with Boohoo's newest high-cut "front thong," it has only proven that "beauty is pain". Because of its unusual design, it is currently getting a backlash (of course!) from some women-saying that it's too skimpy.

Twitter users even questioned how comfortable a front thong could be and labelled it as a "crime against humanity".

The bodysuit comes in four distinct colors and currently on sale for £9 (S$13.84). Although the design has really made the Internet divided, people still purchase this V-Neck ruched front thong bodysuit.

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