Patricia Mok: Bullies have no right to call me ugly

Call her ugly, and you will be shamed for the bully that you are.

Local comedienne Patricia Mok taught a netizen a lesson recently, when she shamed him publicly for criticising her.

She had posted an Instagram video which showed off her shapely legs.

Mok, 43, wore a sexy outfit and shook her booty while local actor Desmond Tan looked on appreciatively.

Her followers commented that she was sexy, that they loved it and that the video had chased away their Monday blues.

However, there was one netizen, Nickyzhangchunlie, who commented in Mandarin: "So ugly."

He probably didn't know what hit him next.

This netizen's Instagram profile is set to private.

Shortly after he slammed her, Mok's next Instagram post (below) showed a screengrab of his comment and her emotional caption that accompanied it.

She wrote: "I have NEVER SAID I'm a pretty girl BUT thanks to this person...I'M F****** UGLY UNTIL HE F****** confirmed it."

Fans rushed to her defence and expressed their concern - they thought Mok was hurt badly by the comment for her to lash out like that.

Wrote gladisnjw: "They either simply want attention or have nothing better to do then to bring people he sees online down.

"Don't worry la! We all don't feel the way he had commented."

Wrote thehuizax: "Chill Patricia. Those people are cowards and are just keyboard warriors. Be yourself."

Wrote carristianang: "A person with a kind heart is beautiful. A person who hurts others has the ugliest heart, and he is ugly. You are beautiful!"

But the outspoken actress has since clarified her intention behind the post.

Mok told The New Paper: "Actually I'm not angry.

"But I don't agree with bullying.

"Other people like me who are not attractive also shouldn't be bullied mah."

She added that she has been touched by the outpouring of concern for her, especially all her followers who have told her that she is attractive.

"I would like to thank the public for their support.

"I'm just happy that fans supported me (when the incident happened.)

"I'm glad that people don't think I'm so ugly lah."


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This article was first published on May 28, 2015.
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