Pregnant Ella Chen says she will be a fun-loving, crazy mum

Pregnant Ella Chen says she will be a fun-loving, crazy mum

Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen of pop group S.H.E may be pregnant. But she will still be fun-loving.

Neither will motherhood change her, says the 35-year-old star who announced last week that she was three months pregnant.

"I will still be the same Ella - bubbly and fun-loving. I don't want to become overly cautious just because of my role as a mother.

"In fact, if I change myself, I think the baby might end up feeling stressed," she tells the Singapore media on Friday (Oct 28) in a telephone interview to promoted her limited- edition EP, Me Vs. Me.

Dismissing rumours that she might step down from the judging panel of the Chinese singing programme Mask Singer, she says: "I want to keep doing my work and do it well."

What sort of mother does she think she will be? A fun-loving, "crazy" one, she says in jest, and adds with a laugh: "My personality is already quite crazy."


On a serious note, she anticipates parenthood will bring out her soft- hearted side.

"Everyone wants to spoil her child. But, of course, you must also bring them up well.

"Make sure they grow up in proper surroundings and have a good education - these are things I have to learn. In any case, I think my husband will be the stricter parent,"she says, referring to Malaysian businessman Alvin Lai, 40, who she married in 2012.


It is too early to confirm the child's gender. But whether she has a boy or a girl, she says she will give her all to her child - like how she has thrown herself into everything in life that she has set her mind on.

So far, she has not experienced discomfort or problems - she says the baby has treated her well.

Her appetite has also grown, although she qualifies it might just be because she is "feeling good".

And as if to demonstrate how she is the same old jovial, free-spirited Ella, she jokes that her breasts have also increased by at least two sizes.

"Nowadays, I think I am a D-cup."


This article was first published on Oct 29, 2016.
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