Pregnant Vivian Hsu 'hates herself' in helpless state

27-weeks pregnant Vivian Hsu, 40, has had a difficult pregnancy so far, spending almost a month in a Singapore hospital.

Even after she was discharged in May, she has been confined to bedrest until the baby is born.

The actress has shared several details of her difficult journey on social media.

Some of her struggles include needing others to help her clear her urine and to give her a sponge bath.

She has also endured more than 200 injections and suffered bruises as a result.

She posted a photo of one of her bruises on Instagram, with the caption: "Being pregnant, I am experiencing everything for the first time.

"The truth is that pregnant women do not feel secure, they really need warmth and love.

"I had many injections which caused my many mood swings, I need to be treated with gentleness, patience and understanding."

She continued: "Every day I feel uncertain - I just want to get through each day. I don't dare to forget to take my medicine or injections, practise my breathing, control my diet, face visitors with a smile, do my leg exercises, etc."

Hsu also revealed how the experience has been tough on someone like her: "For an outgoing person like me who likes to help others, having to lie down helpless while depending on others to clear my urine and clean me, it makes me lose confidence in myself."

"I stubbornly hold on to hope but can't help but feel anxious and vulnerable at times. I hate myself in this state now! But I believe all this is only temporary, just like the bruises on my skin - they will disappear in time, and I will bounce back again!"

But the first time mother-to-be has continued to stay positive despite all her difficulties.

She encouraged her fans look on the bright side of things in order to be happy. "Even lying down, it's possible to bring happiness to others," Hsu wrote. Netizens commended Hsu for her bravery and positive outlook and encouraged her to stay strong.

According to Chinese entertainment site Ifeng, with the help of instruments, Hsu monitors her baby's heartbeat every day. She revealed in another post a week ago: "Thank you doctor, we've overcome yet another obstacle, it is stable for now."

She also sent encouraging messages to her unborn child, revealed to be a boy: "As long as you are able to reach 32 weeks, mummy will gladly endure another 100 more injections. It is just another month and a half more, we can do it!"

According to The New Paper, the one person who Hsu is very grateful for during this difficult time is her cousin Fion.

Hsu wrote affectionately that Fion may be one who forgets things easily and would keep knocking into glass (because she doesn't see it there) but she has been there for her from the start and has never left her side.

"To my extremely kind, honest, brave, and funny cousin, thank you so much for accompanying me throughout my pregnancy.

"You've taken such great care of me in this difficult time. You have never complained or even told me that you were tired. Thanks so much for your patience. Every time I see you sleeping next to me cutely with your mouth open, I am so grateful."