Pregnant Vivian Hsu makes important announcement after 1 month stay in S'pore hospital

Taiwanese female goddess Vivian Hsu is currently four-months pregnant.

Earlier, she was bedridden for almost a month in a hospital in Singapore and had to continue resting in bed at home.

On Facebook, Vivian took the opportunity to write on behalf of her baby on Mother's Day and announced the gender: "My mum has been very hardworking, that is why I'm healthy!"

"She has never had to endure so many injections as she has within these few months, but she's ok because her wish has been granted!"

"I will be a brave boy just like my dad in the future and protect my mum!"

Vivian continued to write: "My grandmother and mother were overjoyed when they knew I was pregnant.

"I guess I will listen to the doctor and stay in the bed this year! We are healthy and both mother and son are safe!

"This will be the best present to both mummy on Mother's Day! Mum, I love you and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!"

Many netizens sent their well-wishes to Vivian upon knowing the good news.

Source: Asian E-News Portal, Vivian Hsu's Facebook