Pretty face of Jay Chou's daughter finally revealed to the world

Taiwanese celebrity Jay Chou and his wife Hannah Quinlivan got married last year, with Quinlivan giving birth to their beloved daughter "Little Chou Chou" in July, bringing them to the next stage of their life.

The couple deeply love each other and even accompany one another at work, reported Asian E-News Portal. Sometimes, they would also bring along their daughter, but they've kept her appearance a secret.

Entering 2016, Quinlivan finally revealed her daughter's pretty face, giving everyone a huge new year's gift.

Although the baby girl was sleeping and her eyes were closed, it can be seen that she inherited her mother's genes. Her long eyelashes and round face, in particular, reveal a hint of Quinlivan's mixed heritage.

Quinlivan happily wrote: "2015 was a prosperous year, thank you everyone who made it happy for me, I wish everyone will still be healthy and happy in 2016!"

Little Chou Chou and Quinlivan also brought good luck to Chou. Although the pop star was busy preparing for his wedding last year, he was still able to earn a lot from his career.

According to studies, he has already earned HK$120 million (S$21.8 million) in Mainland China, becoming Taiwan's highest-earner this year.

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