Quick beauty cheats to make your beauty products last longer

You know that half used lipstick or eye liner? Don't throw it away just yet as there's more life to it!

Have you ever wondered what to do with your favourite shade of lipstick when it has levelled with the holder and you can't reach the last bit?

Or, when you suddenly run out of eye make-up remover and your waterproof mascara, for once, is proving its mettle? Well, don't throw your lipstick out.

Here are a few sensible beauty cheats and tips - some of which you may probably already know - that may just change the way you approach make-up and skincare.

Add to your lipstick's life span: Most of us know about lip brushes and how they come in especially handy when you can't twist anymore out of the lipstick tube.

However, it always seems like such a bother, and I'll bet most of us tend to throw the lippie aside. Get a lip palette and scoop the remaining product out with a small spatula. Some brands sell new empty palettes, or you can recyle an old one.

And here's a tip: if you pop it into the microwave for a few seconds, the lipstick will melt and level out to fit the palette nicely. Then, you can chill it in the fridge for a while to set it.

What's cool about using a palette is having space for the lip brush and maybe even a mirror, so there's no mess and other colours can be added for you to play mix and match later.

Two-in-one products: Many brands have come up with lip colours that double up as cheek stains. But there's nothing to stop you from doing that even if there are no instructions on the label!

This beauty cheat comes in handy when you have a last minute event, and you want a pop of colour but don't have a blusher at hand.

Of course, bolder shades like purple or red bordering on black are not exactly the go-to shades for cheeks, but what's to stop you if you're feeling gothic?

Dealing with excess: Some sheet masks go a long way, and even after the recommended 15 to 20 minutes of use, they don't really dry out and still contain quite a bit of product.

Rather than let it all go to waste and throwing it out, wipe the excess product or cream on other parts of your body like your neck and decollete, your hands and even your elbows! The rest of you will surely welcome the extra pampering!

Foundation fixer: Rather than carry around a bottle of foundation with you, mixing a bit of liquid concealer with some primer and a quick all over dab application, will result in a lovely flawless canvas ready for your colour touch up for your night out.

You won't even need powder to set the look as the primer will give a nice sheen and finished look.

Line your eyebrows: Some eyeliners don't work out well as the colours don't show on your eyelids, or they're too hard and uncomfortable on the eye area.

Instead of throwing them away, use the browns or blacks as eyebrow pencils, and even out the colour with a brush.

Dry shampoo: It's not just post-natal women and celebrities who find this to be a useful product. If you haven't had time to shampoo, baby powder can be a life-saver.

Just dust some quickly over your roots. Be sure to pat out the excess as you don't want to look like you've aged overnight!

An oil-based fragrance can also go a long way when you run your already scented hands through your hair. It will mask the smell of sweat and grime, and people might even think you've just been to the salon!

Multi-use mascara: These days, you can buy hair mascara, meaning hair wands specifically for colouring the lighter roots. These are not permanent though and just like on your eyelashes, tend to harden on your locks.

But if your grey is showing through your do, and you desperately need a quick fix, reaching out for your dark-coloured mascara (assuming that your hair colour is black or dark brown) will do nicely. You can touch up your brows while you're at it!

Spot-on nails: It's so annoying when nail colours chip the minute you step out of the salon.

Applying a topcoat layer of glitter will conceal the defects, prolong the colour and distract others until you get your next manicure. If your nail colours are getting harder to apply as they're drying out, you can buy commercial thinners.

But a drop or two of nail remover can also do the trick.

And you know that eye make-up remover mentioned earlier? Olive oil, baby oil or even vaseline can always do double duty so carry one with you when you're travelling.

They can also serve as body and hand moisturisers, lip balm, and help tame the frizz if you don't have your arsenal of hair products at hand.

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