Rebecca Lim says 'nip slip' photo of her is fake

The original photo of local actress Rebecca Lim at a work event.
PHOTO: Instagram

Popular local actress Rebecca Lim says she did not have a wardrobe malfunction recently.

Instead, she was the victim of a vile Photoshop prank.

A doctored photo of the 29-year-old has been circulating online over the past few days, leading many netizens to believe that the actress had an accidental nip slip or wardrobe malfunction during a work event.

When contacted on Tuesday, Lim, who was on a holiday with her family, replied to The New Paper via text messages, saying that it was inconvenient to talk as she was overseas.

Nonetheless, she thanked the media for their concern.

Now in Cambodia for work, Lim told Toggle on Thursday night: "Initially it was quite a shock because it was not something that you'd wake up to and I don't remember having a wardrobe malfunction that day.

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"It was (distressing) in some way. It was the first time and hopefully the last time that I will encounter something like that," she said.

"On closer inspection - on a more lighthearted tone - (I went) Wait a minute. I don't have that underwear. That's kind of old-fashioned. So I immediately referred to the pictures I took at the event and got my managers to find more pictures and concluded it was a fake."

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A check on the Internet showed that the person who doctored the image of Lim had also done the same to pretty starlets such as Kimberly Chia and Paige Chua.

He goes by the online moniker "DarkkDaren Fakes" and watermarks his edited pictures.

But compared to Lim's doctored image which seemed real at first glance, the digitally manipulated photos of the other actresses lookedd obviously fake.

These images were posted in online forums.

Chia, 20, told The New Paper: "If I saw doctored indecent images of myself and they are obviously fake, I will ignore them unless the matter blows up.

"If it gets out of hand, I will take a stance and post on Instagram because my friends and family will be concerned. It's important for them to know that it's not real." And that was exactly what Lim did.

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On Wednesday night, Lim posted the original photo on her Instagram account with the caption: "Thank you everyone for your concern and support, especially to my loved ones who are innocent and unfortunately placed in such an embarrassing and distressing situation.

"To you-who-did-it and the people spreading it, shall we stop spreading negativity and lies? This is the original."

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A spokesman for Lim's artist management unit, The Celebrity Agency, also clarified that the photo was fake, telling TNP: "A false and distasteful photo of Rebecca Lim has been circulating online. Please disregard it."

Lawyer Amarick Gill says that it is hard for the affected celebrities to take legal action.

He said: "Firstly, they may not be able to trace the culprit. Secondly, it is difficult for the actresses to quantify their losses resulting from the altered pictures.

"If the actress' reputation is damaged because of the photo, she can go through court proceedings to send a Cease & Desist Letter and ask the individual not to do this in the future."

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