Relief for stressed scalps

Stress - just as it can wreak havoc on our bodies, can also damage the scalp and lead to hair loss.

The majority of people who go to TrichoKare consult its hair specialists for hair loss. But a good number of professionals also seek treament for scalp conditions such as dandruff, itchiness and inflammation that could result in hair loss.

The hair treatment centre has four outlets in Singapore at nex, Velocity @Novena Square, The Clementi Mall and orchardgateway.

It uses European herbs such as white willow, burdock, rosemary, rose and lavender in its treatments, which are customised to address customers' specific scalp or hair issues. Prices vary accordingly and treatments typically last about 1-2 hours.

I visited the TrichoKare outlet at nex. In the consultation room, I filled in a questionnaire including my personal details, diet and health condition. For women, there are additional questions such as whether you are having your period, are menopausal or taking contraceptive pills.

I told the consultant, hair specialist Jennifer Poh, that I was suffering from hair fall (the clumps of hair spread out on my bathroom floor was proof of this) and that I had a sensitive scalp that tended to itch when I am under stress.

But nothing prepared me for how bad my scalp really looked till she put the handheld camera probe on my head and took pictures of my scalp.

The magnified images that flashed on the computer screen shocked me. Ugly flakes surrounded my scalp. It had felt itchy and irritable, but I didn't know it was this bad.

Ms Poh told me that my hair was thinning and that I had "poor quality and quantity growth". With such a bad "foundation", my hair was finding it difficult to grow and thrive. I needed to fix my scalp condition before I could address my thinning hair problem, she added.

Hair therapist Bernice then proceeded with my treatment, which included a detox mask and hot mask, tonic application and massage.

The detox mask - rich in minerals and vitamins - helps to increase blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism of the scalp, nourishes hair follicles and regulates the sebum production of the scalp for healthier hair while the hot mask encourages cell growth on the scalp. It also restores hair to its natural, lustrous and glossy state.

Since my scalp was inflamed, the therapist gave it a light massage as it did not need any stimulation. But it did get a good dose of oxygen therapy to soothe it.

After this last stage of the treatment, my hair was blow-dried and my scalp analysed again. Pictures do speak a thousand words and this time it looked cleaner and the flakes had mostly disappeared. My scalp felt less itchy too.

TrichoKare is offering tabla! readers a Hair and Scalp Restorer treatment at $69.99 + Free Restorer Essence + TK Lotus Wood Hair Brush (total worth $542). To book your appointment at TrichoKare, call 6338-8680 or SMS 9775-8777 in this format: <TKT><NAME><NRIC>

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